Food Is Love

Like MANY of you, I grew up with food being central to my family gatherings, be it a family canning party at the end of summer days, or our annual Christmas Eve party. It was an expression of love for my grandparents, parents, and ALL my extended family to share a meal together...I knew when I had children that food would be a love language they would grow up with. I have worked on this labor of love to share that language--from my pickles to my salsas, there’s a lot of love on my table to share with you and yours.

our Mission

Growing up in East Wenatchee with my momma, it seemed the adults were ALWAYS putting up something from our garden and orchards for’s how we enjoyed the year's harvest all through the winter. It got us through some lean times growing up. Fast forward to me as an adult with a family all my own, and my desire to feed my family better quality meals grew. I began challenging myself to bring a chefier touch to my table, and now, I want to bring that love from my table to yours.